My son in the 7th grade was out of school for four months with a serious sinus infection. We had been to two doctors and the third wanted to do a C.A.T. scan to better understand what was causing such a persistant infection. My young son had been given many types of medications, but nothing seemed to help. To complicate matters, he was also Asthmatic, an the dye used in conjunction with the C.A.T. scan could be dangerous for an Asthmatic patient.
The evening preceding the scheduled C.A.T. scan I went to bed early, leaving my wife in the living room where she was watching the television. As I started to doze off I heard a voice say to me, "Pray for your son!" Thinking it was just part of a dream, I just remained in bed. The voice became firmer and more authoritative, "I said GO PRAY FOR YOUR SON!!!!" This time I got out of bed, traved down the hall to myson's room and when to kneel by the head of his bed and told him I was there to pray for him. Just as I started to pray, my wife came into the room and Istopped to ask her what she was doing. She said she had been watching the T.V. and heard a voice in the room that told her also to go pray for our son. So immediately we both knealed by our son's bed and prays that God would heal him. The next morning he was completely well and has never had another sinus infection again. The strangest thing is that we had been earnestly praying every day for our son, but he had just seemed to get worse. God had to have wanted to make it perfectly clear to us that He did it, as a result of our obedience to Him in following His instructions and that this incident could be shared with others to give them hope that God still heals for His purposes.

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